Palm Beach is a great place to buy a home.

 Palm Beach County. It is a great place to live. For some people, the concept of living in Palm Beach Jupiter FL turns them off. They think of a touristy, night-life kind of place, but that is not the full Palm Beach. Sure, there are areas of Palm Beach like that, but all of Palm Beach is a much more exciting, cultural, eco-friendly, family-friendly place.

 Like all areas, we have our schools and parks. We have restaurants with great chefs, local stores with owners who care about the community, and hidden gems. Palm Beach has The Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge is a Gateway Site on the Great Florida Birding Trail. This lovely location is ideal for nature lovers who want to live near animals and scenic views. You can walk along the trail and view lot of birds and other small animals. Then there is Lake Worth Lagoon where you can kayak and canoe and enjoy water. If you like going under the water, the ocean off our shores offers wonderful reefs, wrecks, and fish for the scuba diver to enjoy. Outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds can find something for them in Palm Beach.

 For those who want to live near culture, Boca Raton has the Boca Raton Museum of Art.  There are year-round art displays featuring classical and contemporary artists. Palm Beach also features a fully restored copy of the HMS Bounty, which was recreated from historical documents using actual, historical, materials. Culture is present in our community gatherings and events as well.

 If you are a family, Palm Beach is also a great place to live. We have a zoo, the ocean, a wildlife sanctuary and a lion safari that children, and adults, of all ages will enjoy. We also have a children’s museum aimed for the younger crowd. Parents can enjoy seeing their children play and discover science and new things at the children’s museum. Palm Beach is also home to “A Latte Fun,” an indoor playground and café. If you are concerned about playing outside on hot and humid days, this is the place to escape to. A Latte Fun is an indoor playground with areas for younger kids and older kids, and a café where parents can sit and relax while the children run off all the energy. Palm Beach also features community events geared towards children and a great selection of family friendly stores.

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  As you can see, there is something for everyone in Palm Beach. Consider making Palm Beach your home.

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