Buying a home in Palm Beach

Making a list of what you want in a home

Real estate agents are big helpers on your search for the perfect home. Whether you are buying a home for investment purposes, for your family, or for a present (like for your mother), a real estate agent can help you find the perfect home.  The help can be even more effective if you come in with a list of things you like, or do not like, in a potential home.

Sometimes making these lists can feel like you are eliminating options. If you have small kids, and you don’t want a pool, you might be eliminating some houses that you might love – except for the pool. Anytime you make a list you do eliminate some options. However, if something is non-negotiable for you, then it does not make sense to use your time to visit a home that you know you would never purchase. 

Let’s say that you and your family are buying a new home because your father, your children’s’ grandfather, needs to come live with you. What is essential in this situation? Most grandfathers do not want to handle stairs, and cannot handle stairs as they get older. This means you would want to look for a house that has at least one bedroom and bathroom, or the in-law suite, downstairs. If your grandfather, and his dog, are moving in, you will need to look for a house with a yard. If the grandfather wants an area of the house for his won, look for a house with an in-law suite.

These are all types of things that you need to consider, and think about, when putting together your list of what you do, and do not, want in a home.

Real estate agents can help you with your list. At your first meeting with a real estate agent, you should talk about what you want in a home. This discussion should include a price maximum, any features you must have, or must not have, in a home, and ideal locations. Do you want to be in a certain school district? Do you want to be away from certain attractions or locations? These are all things that should go on your list. Ideally you have thought about these tings before visiting your real estate agent, but if you haven’t, your real estate agent can help you make your list.

After the list has been completed, then comes the fun part of the buying process: Visiting potential homes!

Do you need help buying or selling a house in the Palm Beach area? Contact Anton Seiss, a local real estate expert in the Palm Bach Area.

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