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Tips for making your home attractive to buyers

It is a tough real estate market out there. The economy is in a recession which means people have less money to spend, which means less people are buying homes. However, there are still buyers who will buy the right home. So how can you make your home more attractive to a buyer so that your home will sell?

First, have a real estate agent represent you. When you are represented by a real estate agent you immediately tell the potential buyer that you are serious about selling the house. Additionally, buyers are aware of certain professional standards that all real estate agents meet, and will be comforted knowing they are dealing with a professional.

Second, clean the home. A clean home is always more attractive than a dirty home. This seems like common sense, but there are many areas that are missed that are important. All your windows should be kept clean. This can be hard if there is a child or dog at home who likes to put dirty fingers and paws on the back windows, but it is important. Find time every other day to keep the windows clean. If you know a potential buyer is coming to see the house, clean the windows right then as well.

Keeping the house clean means having the dishes done, the trash taken out (or at least not visible) and no clutter laying around. These can be tedious chores to do, especially if you have been trying to sell your home for months, but keeping the house clean is essential to attracting a good buyer.

Third, spruce up the home. This doesn’t mean add extra rooms or do extensive work. But it does mean making sure the outside of the home is in good repair and clean. For most homes, you simply need to obtain a power washer and wash the outside of the home.  For homes that have paint jobs, you will probably need to put a fresh coat of paint on the front door and the front of the house.  Sprucing up the home also means making sure there are no large holes in the walls or marks on the tile and carpet. A good thing to do to spruce up the entryway of your home is get some flowers to place outside the front door, in planters. Just make sure you keep them watered and looking pretty.

These are some tips that you can easily use to help ready your home for potential buyers.

If you are buying or selling a home in the South Beach, Florida area, use Anton Seiss for all your needs.

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