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Jupiter, FL

              "I had a very good experience with my realtor Anton Seiss. He really knows the area  and found the       perfect home for me"


Lydon, NY

“My agent did an excellent job”

Meyer, Miami

“I am very happy with Anton. Great work. Will always consult him again”

Gonzalez, Miami

“Anton seiss did a wonderful job in selling my home. His company, Seiss Real Estate is defenitely one of the best.”

Levitt, Miami

“Great work. Anton was very professionell and efficient.”

Martha, Miami Beach

“My agent did a great job in handling the sale of this home”

Ken Henrahan, Lauderdale By The Sea

“Great agent. Very smooth and easy transaction. Will definetly call him the next time.”

Weiss, Miami Beach

“My agent did a wonderful job handling the sale of my home.”

Boris, Miami Beach

“Great work in renting my home.”

Vlad P., Miami Beach

“I am very impressed how fast my agent found a tenant for my luxury place. Great professional work”

Wilma T., Miami

“My agent did a great job in renting my place. He had a offer within two weeks.”

Frank Spellman, Cape Cod

“May agent did a fantastic job in renting this home. He sold out the entire season in no time.
Excellent job”

J Regalado, Miami Beach

“My agent Anton Seiss did a fantastic job in renting my home. Within 2 weeks it was rented. His marketing strategy really works. He has a very strong internet presents.

Barnes, Miami

“Mu agent did a wonderful job handling the sale of the home”

Schenk, Germany

“Mein Immobilien Makler ist ein porfessionaler. Excellent Job”

J. Green, Jupiter

“Great Job from my agent”

, Jupiter

“Excellent professionell work by my agent”

, Jupiter

“Very professional and resourceful agent”

Perez, Miami

“Excellent work. Will hire Anton Seiss again as agent”

Hoover, Fort lauderdale

“My agent did a wonderful job in selling this fixer upper.”

Steinberg, Miami

“Great work. Very smooth transaction”

, Miami

“Anon Seiss did a great job in handeling the sale of my home.”
“Anton Seiss did a wonderful job”

, Jupiter

“Great work by my agent Anton Seiss”

, Jupiter

“I am very happy with my agent. He did an excellent job”

, Jupiter

“Great work. He found a buyer when it seemed there was nobody buying”

, Jupiter

“Anton Seiss did great. We will hire him again on our next purchase.”

, Jupiter

“We are glad that we choose Anton to help find us what we were looking for. He did very well.”

, Jupiter

“My agent did great. Very happy with his performance.”

, Botanica, Jupiter

“Very smooth transaction. Very professional”

, Miami

“Anton was wonderful. Very resourceful and competent”

, Jupiter, Florida

“My agent did a great job.”

, Miami, Florida

“Kudos to my agent. We are very happy”

Dennis, Miami

“Great job”

Griffith, Miami Beach

“We had a hard time finding a client but once we were dealing with Anton things went swift and smoothly. Great job.”

Cabrera, Moorehaven

“Anton Seiss did a great job. He handled the transaction very professional”

Baxter, Miami

“My agent was wonderful. Everything was taken care of the right way. I will call Anton again on my next deal.”

Barnes, Florida

“My agent Anton Seiss did a wonderful job in finding a client for my home here in Florida. Someone saw his website and called in.”

J. Phillips, Miami Beach

“My agent Anton Seiss did a great job in finding a buyer. His website has a real presents. Someone found it on the web”

Collins, South Florida

“I wanted to buy a lot in Hawaii but did not now how. Anton Seiss advised me very well and handled the transaction very professionel.”

Sergio A., Miami Beach

“Great Great. Anton Seiss is the best realtor I have ever worked with.”

Morales, Hollywood Florida

“My Agent Anton Seiss did a wonderful job in selling my home. Given the economy he found a buyer fast. He really is a Luxury marketing specialist.”

Mann, Tennessee

“My agent Anton Seiss is truly a commercial real estate specialist. He got this property sold and handled the transaction perfectly.”

Vincent, Miami Beach

“great job of my agent Anton Seiss. It is rented at the highest price possible”

Schenk, Fort Lauderdale

“Anton Seiss my agent did a wonderful job in renting this home. His rental business is enormous.”

Baxter, Miami Shores

“Great job. Well done. The rental business of Anton Seiss is running very smoothly”

Datorre, Jupiter

“Great agent. We never thought we could get this price for our home. Anton did a very effective marketing job. By using it as a vacation rental he found the right buyer.
Thank you”

Gary Miller, Fort Lauderdale

“My agent did a fantastic job on this property. His marketing strategy is definitely working.”

Melanie, Fort Lauderdale

“I could not be happier. Everything went so well and timely planned. Fantastic performance.”

Natalia Flanders, Fort lauderdale

“I am very happy with my agent. He did a wonderful job. Anton Seiss had it done in no time. The transaction went smooth and as planned. No surprises. I will definitely hire Anton again.”

Clowdus, Miami

“My listing agent listed our home on may different websites. He also made a virtual tour. Additionally he sent out direct mail to get the home sold.”

Alfonzia Canada, Homestead

“The service was excellent. From showing to closing. Great smooth transaction. My agent took care of everything. all I needed to do was sign the papers. I am an investor and shall certainly give more business to this agent.”

John Bruguera, Tennessee

“Anton Seiss did a fantastic job with this property. I am very satisfied with the help and expertise. Could not have been bettter”

George Flint, Tennessee

“Great job. Everything went well. No difficulties or problems.”

Theresa Smith, Tennessee

“My agent did a wonderful job handling this transaction. From finding over negotiating to closing. I am very happy and will tell my friends about it.”

Amy Baxter, Fort lauderdale

“This was just great. He sold the property for much more than anybody in the neighborhoo. I never expected this. he defenitely has all my listings in the future”

Amy Baxter, Miami Shores

“My agent did a wonderful job. He really marketed the property. It went under contract 3 times in two month.(The first two could not close) He was checking on the buyers agent and kept on top of the transaction all the way.”

Homes, Clinton, Tennessee

“Great agent. Great Job. Will definitely work with him again”

Gonzales, Bush, Miami

“My realtor did an excellent job in selling this house. He advertised it on many different places including several websites. He had beautiful brochures and postcards made up. As a result we had the house under contract within a month.
Well done”

, Tennessee

“Great working with this agent. From start to finish a very smooth transaction. always there when I had a question.”




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JP, Miami

“Great experience. Anton Seiss is a very knowledgable agent and very efficient. He advised us right from start to finish.”

Jeannette Campbell, Miami Beach

“My agent did a wonderful job in marketing my home. Very efficient and very successful.
Thank you”
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